X3 Premium All Terrain Hoverboard - Purple

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  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple
  • Hover Men X3 Premium Off Road Hoverboard - Purple





X3 | 9-12 MILES | 4400mAh | 800W | 36V | ALL TERRAIN HOVERBOARD | PURPLE  

The Hover Men X3 All Terrain off road hoverboard offers a great selection of high-end hoverboards to customers all over the world! The X3 deliver an extraordinary experience in Safety, Riding and Quality! Original Samsung battery inside, New Hanghong™ premium German technology motors, Latest Taotao™ high performance motherboards, premium XVE™ UL certified charger. Built-in Bluetooth speaker. IPX5 Waterproof and Dustproof Design. Sheer Riding Pleasure.  


  • High Configuration Parts Inside, Ultra Fast Reaction Speed

  • Intelligently-Engineered With EverBalance Technology, Auto-levels for a Safer, Easier Mount and a Smoother Ride

  • UL 2272 New Safety Standards for Electrical Systems for Self Balancing Scooters Have Been Applied to All Our Hoverboards

  • Smart Device App with Bluetooth Connectivity Provides for Custom Operation of Your Hoverboard

  • Original Samsung Battery Cells Inside, 4400mAh, 36V, 9-12 Miles Travel Distance on Full Charge

  • Dual Independent Gyros. Much More Stable. Suitable for Most Weather Conditions

  • Premium XVE™ Latest UL Certified Charger, Built-In Charge Protection System

  • Powerful and Accurate Hanghong™ German Technology Motors, 400W*2

  • High Performance Taotao™ Motherboard Inside , Single Control System

  • All Terrain Shock Absorbent Tires With Alloy Rims

  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers to Play Music


  • Powered with 800W Motors, Reach Max Speed 11.18 mph

  • Smart Device App Control with Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Intelligently-Engineered with EverBalance Technology

  • Built-in Bluetooth Speakers to Play Music

  • All Terrain Shock Absorbent Tires

  • Built-in Charge Protection System


Battery Capacity: 4400mAh

Battery Voltage: 36V

Motor Type: 800W DC Brushless motor

Travel Distance: 12 Miles

Weight: 35.3 Lbs

Maximum Speed: 11.18 mph

Tire Type: 8.5” All Terrain Shock Absorbent Tires

Charging Time: 1-2 hours

Max Load: 265 Lbs

Grade Ability: 45-degree slope


Battery Type: Lithium-ion Battery

Battery Capacity: 4400mAh

Battery Voltage: 36V

Charging Time: Around 60-120 minutes


Motor Type: German Technology DC Brushless Motors

Motor Power: 400W*2


Travel Distance: 9.32 - 12.5 miles on a single charge


Hoverboard, Carrying Bags, Protective Gears, Charging Adapter, User Manual, Warranty Card, Other Accessories


Through a Bluetooth connection to the unit, the Taotao™ smart device App can show the vehicle's temperature, power, speed, current trip, ODO and so on. The App can also control the vehicle's power, switch device name, raise or lower highest speed, adjust steering sensitivity, etc. When connected to the vehicle, the App records the vehicle's driving trajectory (each 200 milliseconds it scans a point). The App requires iOS7.0 and above. Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease the battery life of your mobile device.

High Performance Taotao™ Motherboard Inside

The Hover Men's new X3 premium smart all terrain hoverboard with the new cutting edge motherboard offers increased performance, reduced power consumption and improved platform reliability and system manageability. These new upgrades enable the vehicle to deliver outstanding performance, dependability and insure precise output to the wheels.The Taotao™ Main board is setting a new standard for hoverboard performance and safety with the arrival of the 4th Generation CPU! Taotao™'s blazing fast, feature packed CPU with built-in protection system is ready to take your riding experience to the next level. And, by enabling new exciting features, the 4th generation hoverboard CPU empowers you to unleash your imagination and explore the possibilities.

Single System, Two Wheels Controlled By One Brain

A performance upgrade compared to common models on the current market make our hoverboards much more stable, reliable. accurate and smarter!

Original Samsung Large Capacity Battery Cells Inside

The Hover Men's new X3 premium smart all terrain hoverboards have been upgraded with an original 4400mAh Lithium Ion Battery pack with a larger capacity and they are more Powerful. From 9-12 miles on a single charge (Travel Distance varies depending on the environment and riding style). 

German Technology Motors - Powerful and Accurate

The Hover Men's new X3 premium smart all terrain hoverboards use high quality motors with German technology. Easily a match for any requirement. Drive technology is subject to a multitude of different requirements which must be catered to on an individual case-by-case basis and our motors will help you find the perfect riding experience. These new motors and wheels are a major upgrade on performance compared to many other models on the market.

High Strength Aluminum Parts

High tensile strength and superlative fatigue resistance and exceptional durability, that is the goal for all our hoverboards! Our newest models are now not only lighter but they are also Stronger!


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We are confident that our products are of great quality and even better value. However, if upon receiving and inspecting your item you decide that you want to return it, you will have 30 days as of the date of shipment arrival to return it for a refund minus the shipping cost. Any additional fees associated with a purchase transaction will be deducted from amount of refund.


Wherever you buy goods from hovermen.com or from any Hover Men outlet or Distributor's store, you have 24 months to request repairs or replacement if any vehicle turns out to be faulty or are not as advertised. During the warranty period if any vehicle is found to have a manufacturer defect, we will repair or replace the defective part(s). If a product cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time, you may request a refund or price reduction.

*The 24 months warranty period starts from the date your goods are delivered and you must inform the seller of any issue encountered with one of our products within 30 days of discovering the issue.


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Specifications & Features

Max Speed:
11.18 mph
Travel Distance:
9-12.5 miles
Taotao Motherboard
Hanghong Motors / 400W*2
UL Certificated Charger
4400mAh / 36V
Battery Life:
If no water gets inside the battery, life of the battery is up to 3 years in general
Operating Temperature:
14 - 104 degrees F (recommend 50-86 degrees F)
Max Load:
265 Lbs
Charging Voltage:
Charging Time:
Around 60-120 Mins (60 Mins to 80%)
Shipping Package Size:
Height- 13.7 Inches, Length-29.5 inches, Width 13.7 inches
Vehicle Size:
Height- 9.7 Inches, Length-25.5 inches, Width 9.7 inches
Shipping Weight:
37.5 Lbs
Vehicle Weight:
35.3 Lbs
Tire Size:
Diameter--8.5 inches
Distance Between bottom of vehicle and Ground:
2 inches
Over Charge Protection:
Built-in over charge protection system. Auto power off when fully charged.
Speed Protection:
If speed is greater than 6 mph the alarm will startsalerting and automatically slows down if above 9 mph
Low Power Protection:
When battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stop working.
Low Power Alert:
LED work normal when power on and it will twinkle when under protection mode
Low Power Beeps:
Beeps when activated because of low power and then forces you to slow down and stop when battery is lower than 10%
Battery Power:
LED works normal if battery capacity above 85% and turned off when battery is running out
Voice Alert:
Beeps when turned on and when the vehicle has a low battery capacity
Bluetooth Anouncement:
When Bluetooth is detected and when Bluetooth is connected
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